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Loc Accessories

Here is a blog all about hair accessories, more specifically LOC accessories. We are taking a look into the products offered by LocdForLife. This blog will help us to explain the usage of hair jewels and claw clamps. Our VLOG will help us display them, so don't forget to check us out on Social Media for visuals.

  • Hair Jewels:
    • They are usually round with the option to open and clap around your locs or slide from the bottom up. 
    • They are light weight and can range from one color to multiple colors
    • The material is usually plastic but they can also be made of wood and even glass (how cool is that?)
    • These jewels are stylish and be incorporated into any hairstyle
  • Claw Clamps
    • The can be square or round in shape, with easy open and close motion
    • The colors, my oh my, the range from so many colors, styles and patterns
    • The material is usually a matte plastic or a shiny plastic
    • The hairstyles typically used for these clamps are mostly when you want to pull the hair from your face. Some even use them to spice up a simple ponytail. 

Hair Jewels and Claw Clips are unlimited in their combination possibilities. Style them up, half up/half down, or all the way down whatever your preference we would love to see it. Share with us your opinion on how you were your locs. You can also share with us on social media using #locdforlifeofficial.

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