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🚨 New Satin Lined Hats 🚨

Fall Blog

We are so excited to introduce these new lines of sweat suits to our lovely locd community. We decided to keep it flattering for the ladies and chill for the fellas. Please pay close attention to the size guide when choosing from this collection. This blog is for you to also drop your comments on the new release.

We gave the ladies a peach color to add a extra pop of color during the fall months but we also wanted to keep the season in full affect with a nice tan and olive green option. For the guys, we decided to do all fall colors. The brown pair with the fall orange has to be one of our favorites. Tan and olive is also a choice as well. Couples with locs would definitely benefit from the matching color options and we would love to see the DOPE photos.

The last section in this line is the awesome hat options. We've all been there, people wanting to touch our locs. This hat is so perfect. It speaks before you have the option to say no, especially if you're having one of those days. The hats are unisex and one size fits all. We've provided some outfit options, which ones are your favorite? 



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