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Moisturizing your locs with this combination can be done daily or every other day depending on how well your locs retain water/oils.

What You Will Need:

  • Spray Bottle / Mister
  • Oils - your preference (jamaican black castor; coconut; doo gro anti itch; mielle rosemary mint)
  • Rice / Rose / Plain Water - your preference
  • Optional: Aloe Plant Gel

How To:

  • Combine water, oils, and aloe (optional) into the spray bottle
  • Shake Well
  • Spray

This method can be done in small sections or simply at random. You want to ensure you get the roots as well. The locs should be damp after this process. Once you are done misting, massage your roots gently to ensure the oils are penetrating the scalp. If you have curly ends, be sure to focus on those as well. You can even comb them and recoil them around your finger (also optional).

Once this is done you are ready to style. If you are doing this routine at night then tie the locs down with a silk scarf or you can cover them with a silk bonnet. Whether you are staying in or heading out, this is a good method to ensure your locs remain healthy. 

What are your thoughts on this method? Do you partake in a different process? Leave your comments below, your advice could be featured in our next blog!


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